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Even with all the challenges it brings, I still believe adolescence is an incredibly cool season of life. In all the uncertainty there's such wonderful opportunity to choose and discover the person you are. 

If you're a teen who feels isolated, misunderstood, or just unsure of where you belong in the world, the counseling journey can help you to embrace your purpose as the author of your own unique story.


For over a decade I've been working with young people through mentoring, support groups and counseling, addressing everything from depression, anxiety, and exploration of values and identity.

A Free Consultation is a great way to help your teen figure out of counseling is right for them. To view available consultation and intake appointments, click the button below.

From Google:

"Mike is great! He helped my oldest son through some difficult times." - Tracee

"Mike is wise and leads with a humble confidence. I'm grateful for his insight and care and recommend him wholeheartedly." - Mel

And if you're a parent who's wondering why your teenager is so tired, or why they seem depressed, anxious, or struggling to engage with life, enlisting the help of a counselor is a great next step.

Teens can get so much out of counseling. The safe and confidential therapeutic partnership is a place to gain clarity, boost self-esteem, and develop crucial skills for surviving and thriving in life.

teen counselor mike ensley
Mike Ensley, MA, LPCC
owner, counselor
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