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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) is a powerful therapy that works with your neurobiology to help reduce a variety of symptoms and empower you on your journey toward the life you want.

Our nervous system plays a vital role in processing our life events and shaping how we experience and respond to relationships. These processes can be hijacked when the system is overwhelmed by danger, neglect, or impactful negative emotions like shame.

EMDR therapy

This system in us is built to be adaptive--to help us survive the world we find ourselves in. However sometimes the adaptations formed, while right for a particular moment or season, can be unhelpful later on. The same mechanisms that mobilize us to save us from danger can also cause us to panic when we want to perform, to shut down when we want to connect, and in cases of severe or complex trauma, can make life almost unmanageable.

EMDR is an effective way of helping this system--our adaptive information processing network--to realign and become our ally in growth. This unique therapy not only addresses symptoms of trauma but also has applications for correcting obsessive thoughts, relieving depression, and addressing compulsive or addictive urges. I've found it to be extremely useful in helping clients conquer hurdles where traditional counseling gets stuck.

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