Counseling for Men

In a culture that really can't find a story it likes about men, so many of us are sent out on a quest to be what's expected of us--even if it's not really clear what that is. 

It's not uncommon, even after we've checked off a lot of those boxes, to find ourselves feeling like something's missing.

I'm here to tell you there's more to your story.

With the right tools and the right approach, the

counseling I offer men opens up a new chapter

characterized by greater understanding and a

more authentic presence.

Become the husband, father, and friend your

world needs by reclaiming the most important

and often hardest relationship you'll ever have--

the one with yourself.

I know there are obstacles. Here are some of the areas where I've spent years helping men achieve real change:

  •  Rocky Relationship Patterns

  •  Breakups / Divorce

  •  Burnout

  •  Anger Management

  •  Stagnancy / Lost Motivation

  •  Affair Recovery

  •  Consuming Habits (porn, video games, etc.)

Whatever your background or challenges, my purpose is to help you rediscover your own purposeful, authentic, and adventurous story.

If you're ready for that kind of change, 

I'm ready to begin the journey with you.

- Mike Ensley, MA, LPCC


Mike Ensley, Loveland Therapist

Mike Ensley
owner, counselor