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Counseling for Men

So many men end up feeling stuck in life, frustrated by the demands of a world that doesn't really know what it wants men to be. We find ourselves living a story we don't recognize, one that makes us want to just check out--or do something out of the blue just to feel alive again.

Sound familiar? You're not alone--and you're not out of options.

You have the willingness to face the journey that frightens most men away. And if you've been sold on the idea that counseling is just about venting or empty feel-good talk, I'm here to dispel that notion and show you what's really possible. 


The work I do is all about the crucial journey toward realizing our authentic story, a story characterized by:

  • knowing ourselves (for real)

  • mastering emotions

  • living with intentionality

  • connecting  authentically

If you're ready for that kind of change,

I'm ready to start the journey with you. 

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