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Official stuff first: I earned a Master's in Counseling here in Colorado and and a Bachelor's in Psychology in Florida. Before that I accumulated many years' experience working with recovery groups and mentoring programs. I am fully trained in EMDR therapy.

I specialize in helping people recover from relational trauma--to heal the wounds of the past and undo the patterns of disconnection they create. If you struggle with anger, depression, cycles of conflict and broken relationships, addictive tendencies or even a dissatisfaction with life that mystifies you, my passion is to help you connect the dots in your story and move into a new way of being--present, engaged, and joyful.

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Outside the counseling office I love hikes with my dog, photography, road trips and national parks, board games and film. I volunteer with my church serving young people with autism and their families.

And trauma isn't just something I learned about in class. My own journey began in a very different place, chasing a dream I thought was my own but was actually rooted in a story that wasn't authentic.

My story took me from one end of the country to the other, from waiting tables to working at the national headquarters of a Christian ministry group--and back again. I got to right where I thought I wanted to be and found unhappiness.


When everything fell apart and I was forced to confront the painful narrative that was at work in me--that's when my real story began. Then I decided to go back to school and become formally educated in how to help people on their journeys to wholeness.


Narrative Therapy - Understanding the process of how we have derived meaning from our experiences and how that meaning shapes our present and future--how we tell our story. As an avid lover of books, movies, and writing I was drawn to this approach for its use of many of the same storytelling tools utilized to create our favorite films and novels.

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy. This powerful therapeutic tool works with the neurobiology of trauma to help get us unstuck from reactive patterns of fight, flight, and shutting down so we can be mindful even among some of our most difficult experiences. Learn more about EMDR.

Other modalities I'm into: Internal Family Systems (IFS), Polyvagal Theory

or call: 970-316-3939
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Individual counseling: $150 for 50-minute session

Comeback Story Counseling does not currently contract with any insurance, and is considered an out-of-network provider. Paying for an out-of-network counselor gives you maximum privacy in your mental health care. Documentation can be provided if your insurance plan reimburses some or all of your out-of-network expenses.

We accept all credit cards, check, and Venmo.


873 Cleveland Avenue, Loveland, CO

Just a few blocks north of Downtown Loveland.

Virtual sessions may be accessed from anywhere

in Colorado.


I am not a Medicaid Provider. According to Colorado law, Medicaid recipients must see a Medicaid provider for services covered by Medicaid, even if you're planning to pay out of pocket. A list of Colorado therapists who take Medicaid can be found here.


While I'm a Christian and have a background working in faith-based programs, I believe mental and relational healthcare is for everyone. If your faith is a big part of your journey, I am well-informed in these areas. I also enjoy working with people who identify with other faiths or none in particular.


Men, women, and teens are all part of the clientele at Comeback Story Counseling. While Men's Issues is one of my specialties and I'm passionate about working with them, a lot of women and young people come through my door as well, and are always welcome.

Lake photo by Christa Sing.


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