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Loveland counselor Mike Ensley

Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Whether you are looking to overcome a struggle, restore a relationship, or you're just searching for more ​fulfillment in life, I want this to be your turning point.


Besides being a nationally board-certified counselor, I am someone who's passionate about helping people come fully alive. For years I have been engaged in helping people tackle what's holding them back, to renew their hope and rediscover their purpose.

Mike Ensley, LPC

I work with men, women, and teens looking for an experience that is both welcoming and challenging. Here you will find a place where it's safe to explore what's hard to take anywhere else. I walk alongside clients struggling with painful emotions, hurtful relationship patterns, trauma from the past and consuming habits in the present.


While the work can be uncomfortable at times, it's worth doing. I didn't just learn that in school--it's a story I've lived, too.

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