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Healing from Abuse/Toxic Relationships

There are so many ways people hurt others in relationships. Whether you are coming from a toxic marriage, friendship, family, or faith community, the wounds of abuse are real and they impact every part of us.

But they don't have to define us. One of the jobs I hold most sacred as a therapist is to help people emerge from the aftermath (or ongoing chaos) of a toxic situation and rediscover the joy of life.

This pain is not your destiny. You can live a different story. You can experience closeness and community that is life-giving. In the journey of reclaiming your story from abuse we confront the lies that have been created, rebuild the boundaries that got demolished (or were never built), and rework your inner narrative so that it's affirming and authentic to you.

If it's time for a relational detox, I'm here for you.

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