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Counseling Centered on Story

There is a reason one of the most common questions we ask when getting to know someone is "What's your favorite movie/show/book?" Stories shape our lives. The characters and sagas that resonate with us don't just entertain, they help us explore our own existence.


Each of us is telling a story, and that story impacts everything we encounter and experience going forward. The approach known as Narrative Therapy seeks to help us take hold of the authoring of our lives. It brings us into awareness of the themes that shape our moods and choices, and empowers us to make lasting change in the chapters that lie ahead.

Narrative Therapy contributes so much to the work I do with addiction and trauma. What makes our struggles so consuming isn't necessarily what they appear to be, but what we believe they say about us.

Re-authoring your life is all about building an inner experience that makes sense of our hardships and writes hope into our future. 

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